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Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

It’s that time of the year again. The “Hallmark holiday,” Singles Awareness Day, Galentine’s Day, the day of love… Valentine’s Day. Whichever way you view February 14, it’s coming and I have an easy makeup look that suits the day perfectly!


DIY Valentine’s Day Scratch Off Card

Good afternoon readers!
Today is a beautiful day that needs to be enjoyed outside. But first, let me give you a quick Valentine’s Day DIY since that special day is coming up right around the corner. Even though Valentine’s Day has become more of a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ and people have started to care less about spoiling their significant other on this day, I still like to do something cute. I know, I know… ‘but Jessica, you’re supposed to show your partner that you love them EVERYDAY.’ I do! (more…)


Gen. Beauty 2016 COMPLETE Photo Haul

Hello lovelies, as promised, I took photos of all the great products I received and bought at Gen Beauty. The video haul on YouTube is up and ready, find it here! Some of the shots were a bit washed out, so I took pictures of every product just in case you want a closer look.



Meatball and Zucchini Skillet

I used to think that meatballs were really only good for one thing: spaghetti, but that was naive. My single-minded thinking led me on a path of limited dinner options, obviously resulting in a downward spiral of despair. The typical veggie lasagna and spinach tortellini just weren’t enough for me anymore. I needed more. (more…)


Generation Beauty 2016 Mini Recap

Generation Beauty was a blast this weekend. It was held in a large white tent atop the L.A. Live parking structure in downtown Los Angeles and featured many top names in beauty and beauty blogging. It was the best place to chat with fellow makeup lovers and, of course, attain more makeup. There was makeup there for sale, but there were even more freebies.



Salmon Cakes

Seattle is pretty much known for two things: coffee and rain. It is, however, also known for it’s amazingly fresh seafood and if you’re out for brunch, you know there will be salmon somewhere on the menu. Bad for salmon haters, good for me because I love salmon, it’s the prettiest color for bedrooms (to all my movie-quoting readers out there, you’re welcome).



OFRA Lipstick Worth $20? We’ll Let You Know.

If you’re a makeup lover like me, you can never have too many liquid lipsticks. There’s pros and cons to almost all liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, the OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks being one of them.


Blog Lovin

What’s the dealio with Blog Lovin’?

Our Beauty writer Ashley has convinced me that it would be a great idea to connect That LA Writer to Blog Lovin’. She said it would be an easy way to get more traffic to the website. Before our talk I had never even heard of Blog Lovin’. Of course, before I signed us up last night I did some research. (more…)


DIY Lucky Origami Stars

About six years ago I took an adventure through China Town in LA and came across a small store that had a jar of cute paper stars. The lady behind the table noticed my interested and told me about them. I remember her telling me a story about them, she showed me the package of paper strips to make them, and then showed me personally how to make them. (more…)


Saturday Styles in LA 1/23

It will be a lovely 66º here in Los Angeles, but hey! It’s California so there is a chance that it could actually get warmer by the middle of the day. (more…)