DIY Sequin Pillow

Check out this super cute sequin pillow tutorial from!


Sequin ribbon
Tacky Glue

1. Use the pencil to trace the design you want on the pillow
2. Trace the pencil drawing with glue
3. Gently lay the ribbon on the glue
4. Glue the ends of the ribbon down
5. Let the glue dry (of course!)

Enjoy! β™‘

DIY Photo Magnets

I found this super cute photo magnet tutorial on The Huckaby’s Happily Ever After blog. It’s super cute, easy, and super cheap! Great for any fridge, craft area, or your desk in your dorm. They could even be a super great gift!

(If you click on the link… the exact tutorial is some ways down the page. Just an FYI.)



Glass Jumbo Clear Gems
Clear Adhesive/ Tacky Glue


(See the tutorial for super detailed instructions.)

Place gem over photo and trace around the gem.
Cut the image based on the marking you made.
Make an even layer of glue on the back of them gem.
Carefully press the gem to the photo and press firmly so no bubble appear.
Glue magnet to back of photo.
Let dry.

See? Easy peasy!


DIY Book Wall Decor

This tutorial is originally posted on

How cute is this wall decor!?


(Below is my Spanish to English translation of the tutorial.)


5 shoe box lids (amount can vary based on how long you want it)
A book, photocopies, or music scores
A pencil
A black marker
Black vinyl paint or spray paint
White Glue
A paint brush
A plastic container


1. Paint the edges with black

2. Pour glue and a little water into the plastic container. Paint glue onto the lids. Then press the papers onto the lids.

3. Once the glue has dried, plot your drawing using a pencil. Then go over it with a black marker.

4. Once you’ve finished your drawing, apply a layer of glue to each of the lids. When they are dry, apply another layer and let it dry again.

DIY Stick Candles

Check out this super cute tutorial from


DIY Leaf Branch Mobile

This could be combined with yesterday’s DIY. Just add a branch!
Thanks to Happiness is Homemade blog for this watercolor paper leaf tutorial.


DIY Fall Leaf Garland

Check out this super cute leaf garland from Garland of Grace Blog.
It’d be a perfect decoration for your Thanksgiving dinner.


DIY American Horror Story Clown

DIY Halloween Make-up
DIY American Horror Story Clown