DIY Laptop and iPad Covers

Okay, so by now you should know that I am not a very artsy-craftsy person. I would love to be but I don’t have the time to be. The most I have done it wrap some cheap file holders from IKEA with tape or scrapbook paper.

I really like checking out DIYs on Pinterest and saving them for the day I feel like creating something magical. Today, I found this super cute tutorial from for creating your own laptop and iPad covers.



Hard case for ipad/laptop. I bought it in clear on Ebay.
Spray paint
Rubbing alcohol
Colorful gloss paper
Glitter paper
Printed pictures on high gloss paper. I used pictures from Instagram and had them printed out at Staples.
Spray adhesive. I used Easy Task
UV Resistant gloss coat
Craft paint
Paint tray
Clear acrylic coating
Gilded gold paint
Decoupage glue


Mosaic Design:

Using a paper towel with some rubbing alcohol, wipe off any dust or oil off the surface of the cover.
Next, spray on an even layer of paint (color of your choice). I recommend spraying on at least 2 layers. Set aside to dry.
For the mosaic, use colorful gloss paper and printed pictures. To cut out the shape for the mosaic, I used a shape puncher purchased from a local craft store. I used a variety of different of different gloss, metallic, and glitter to add dimension and texture.
Lay out your design on top of the cover.
Use spray on adhesive to the back of each piece and place it where you would like.
Seal with clear gloss coat. Let dry completely before use.

Feathers Design:

Clean case using paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
Set up tray and brushes. Have some water on the side.
Draw out your design on a piece of paper. I drew out some feathers, but you can be creative and draw what inspires you.
Place your template under the cover and paint over the template. I suggest practicing on a piece of paper before doing it on your cover.
If you are painting feathers, use wispy, short strokes and layer on layer on different colors to add interest.
Spray on clear acrylic coating. Let dry completely before use.

Arrows Design:

Clean case using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
Using a ruler, draw arrows parallel to each other.
Use gold paint and paint over the arrows. Add glitter for more shine.
Spray on clear acrylic to protect your cover. Let dry completely before use.
Coco Chanel Design:
Clean case using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
Print out picture of perfume bottle on high gloss paper.
With scissors, carefully cut out picture.
Use decoupage glue on back of cut-out picture and adhere to cover.
Brush on decoupage glue over picture to seal and protect your cover. Let dry completely before use.

Check out her tutorial on and don’t forget to watch her video!

Ways to Rejuvenate During Crunch Time

Life is crazy and it moves fast, so whether you are feeling stressed from finals, work or a mixture of things, here are a few tips to slow things down and rejuvenate yourself for what’s ahead!

Take a Bath 

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.21.42 PM

It’s important to schedule breaks in between work time, 20 minutes of “me time” between study or work sessions is a key to success! Set the mood with a few candles and play your favorite music! I like to throw a bit of Epsom Salt in the bath as well to soothe achey muscles.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.34.35 PM

The last thing you want to do is feel sleepy when you’ve got work to do, hence the gallons of coffee that college students drink, so I’ve got something to counteract that problem. Tea! No, I don’t want you to guzzle down any more caffeine than you’ve likely consumed, instead toss 4-6 tea bags in the tub while running hot water. The tea bags will release B Vitamins that help uplift your mood and combat signs of fatigue and aging on the body!

What Kinds of Tea?

Chamomile tea is great to relax the mind and body, helping ease stress. I would recommend this one for a good night’s rest because chamomile can often make you sleepy. Still have a heavy workload? Try either peppermint or green tea!

Peppermint tea is an especially great method to fight colds during this crunch time as it has immense health benefits: removing harmful toxins and clearing sinuses and congestion. Peppermint can be rejuvenating for mind and body, sparking positive thoughts and helping to increase focus!

Green tea is high in antioxidants to keep you healthy. It is also rejuvenating and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

After this 15 minute indulgence, jump up and take a cool shower.

Don’t Forget to Scrub 

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.10.37 PM

If you have time, create a quick DIY body scrub to exfoliate old skin and old worries, and leave you with smooth skin and healthy glow! I’m sure you’ve seen these DIY Sugar Scrubs on Pinterest and with just three ingredients, they only take minutes to make.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 4.02.13 PM

(Photo cred. to my beautiful friend, Julie Galarza)


Organic sugar or coconut sugar

(Optional: Sea salt)

Coconut oil

Your favorite scented oil.

Begin with the organic sugar and/or sea salt, this will be the ingredient used in the largest portion. Next stir in some coconut oil and top the mix with 20-30 drops of your favorite scent and stir!

Scent Suggestions

Lavender is a delicious scent, but it is particularly soothing. For an invigorating scent that also releases stress, use orange oil! Or use peppermint oil to match your tea bath and increase your focus!

Good luck with finals or whatever you may have going on in life right now, and I hope this helps relieve some stress!

XO- Ashley (@Ashleysita)

DIY Gifts [Mother’s Day Edition]

Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers; whether you are expecting, have expected and lost, have one, have a few, foster, adopted, or a father who plays both roles. Even though we should be treating you amazingly every day, today is just a day to recognize you even more for the responsibilities that you have taken on. YOU are an amazing person. YOU are an amazing wo(man). You are one of the most important people in our lives. You’re out hero, our role model, our everything. Thank you.

For those looking for a last minute DIY gift, below are my top 5 favorite from Pinterest. Yes, I love Pinterest. Only because it has been a while since I have actually made my mom something. I did not list the details but you can click on the links to find the women who actually took the time to create these gifts.

1. Hand-shaped Ring Dish by


2. Nail Polish (or makeup) Storage made from a frame


3. Candle with image by evite


4. Custom Mug by pounds4pennies


5. Mother’s Day Photos (even though this says FATHER)


*there was no tutorial for this. My instructions- take a few photos with of your children with hand written signs, print them at Target and buy a collage frame (very good prices at Target.)

DIY Creative Guest Books [Graduation Edition]

When I graduated high school, I didn’t have a party. When I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, I didn’t get a party. When I graduated with my Master’s degree, I didn’t have a party. However, when I eventually go for my PHD I will definitely throw myself a giant party for all my hard work. You all are invited! ;)

Sadly, I wasn’t even invited to anyone’s party either so I can’t even come up with some DIYs to use for this segment. I guess I am no fun. Anyways, below I have found some awesome creative guest book ideas for your party and for future parties to come from Pinterest! Thanks Pinterest, you always have my back ♡

1. Jenga

2. Oh The Places You’ll Go book

3. Large wooden initial
Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 11.46.49 AM

4. Globe

5. Polaroid

DIY Yard Twister

So, I found this to be super awesome and wanted to share it. I found it on Pinterest with no legit instructions but from the picture it should be pretty simple. It’d be a great activity for any kind of party!


Spray paint- green, blue, yellow, red

1. Draw a circle onto the bottom of the box and cut it out.
2. Use the box as a stencil to create the Twister circles in the grass with spray paint.
3. Use the circle that you cut out from the box as the spinner.

-Pinterest link-

Have fun!

Ps. Please tag us on Instagram (@thatLAwriter) if you do it. We want to see how much fun you had ♡

DIY Paper Star Lanterns

O M G this is super adorable.


Check out the full tutorial on!
(She even has the PDFs to make this!)

DIY Shamrock Streamer Garland

How cute is this DIY? Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Yes, I am starting the St. Patty’s Day DIYs now. Don’t worry, I have some super cute DIYs for Easter coming up!

This DIY is from