DIY Valentine’s Day Scratch Off Card

Good afternoon readers!
Today is a beautiful day that needs to be enjoyed outside. But first, let me give you a quick Valentine’s Day DIY since that special day is coming up right around the corner. Even though Valentine’s Day has become more of a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ and people have started to care less about spoiling their significant other on this day, I still like to do something cute. I know, I know… ‘but Jessica, you’re supposed to show your partner that you love them EVERYDAY.’ I do! (more…)

DIY lace braletter

DIY Lace Bralette

Come on, you’ve seen them worn in many cute ways. Or just worn. AND in many cute forms! BUT have you considered making your own to save some money or to create them in your size? (more…)


DIY Lucky Origami Stars

About six years ago I took an adventure through China Town in LA and came across a small store that had a jar of cute paper stars. The lady behind the table noticed my interested and told me about them. I remember her telling me a story about them, she showed me the package of paper strips to make them, and then showed me personally how to make them. (more…)


DIY Dandelion Paperweight

See that yellow flowered weed that is growing in your yard? One day it’ll burst into a silly looking, white dandelion seed head. You’ll either stomp on it, cut it out, or have the same mentality as I do about them. That dandelion means something to someone like me. When I was younger I was told that they make wishes come true. Close your eyes, whisper a wish into the seeds, then blow them into the air.



LATE DIY Bottled Nebula

Have you ever written a blog post or typed out something for class in Word then accidentally deleted it. Like, to never be seen again? As in there is no way in getting it back? No? Just me? Great. (more…)

DIY Beer Mug Etching

Well hello there,
thanks for stopping by to check out the newest DIY. I really couldn’t decide if I should continue decoration do-it-yourselves or start some do-it-yourselves to give as presents for the month of December. For some reason I just love decorations and how easy it is to just do it at home. So, I’ve decided that this month, every Sunday, I will be posting DIY presents. ‘Tis the season to be giving and why not create your own presents. Nothing is more lovely than a homemade gift.



DIY Spooky Halloween Decorations

Happy Sunday Funday!

Hope you all have had a great day so far. The night is not over and there is still some time to create some more Halloween decorations. This week I have some simple and fairly cheap DIYs for you to try out.

Eerie Mirror from Domythic Bliss

hallow12 025

Printed image
Spray Paint

Print image
Take apart frame
Spray paint inside of glass
Use rag to make scratch marks
Let dry
Put back together

For detailed instructions, visit Domythic Bliss’ tutorial here.

Paper Mache Skull from Grim Hollow Haunt


Basic Skull
Paper mache paster (1 part water/ 1 part flour or 3/4 glue/ 1/4 water)

Use skull as base
Layer newspaper over
Let dry
Cut/ peel off
Tape back together

For detailed instructions, visit Grim Hollow Haunt’s tutorial here.

Spell & Potion Book from Better After


old books
paper towels
small plastic Halloween paraphenilia
hot glue gun
mod podge
black paint
metallic paint
paint brushes

glue plastic pieces to books
use mod podge to layer paper towels
let dry
paint black
let dry
use metallic paint for details

For detailed instructions, visit Better After’s tutorial here.


DIY Halloween Decor

We’re getting closer to my favorite holiday! I totally forgot to post my Saturday Styles yesterday but this next week I plan on sharing some simple costumes to put together in case you’re in a rush for some last minute parties or events.

Today, I am sharing three Pinterest Halloween crafts that I found. They seem super easy, pretty cheap to recreate, and creepy enough to use in your home for this spooky holiday. Yes, Halloween in a holiday to me.

Let’s begin!

Black Vases


I found this on Pinterest and the link sent me to Kerli (one of my favorite artists) on her Buzznet account. However, there is no tutorial on how to create these beautiful vases. It does seem simple though.

1. Find vases at thrift stores or yard sales
2. Clean them
3. Buy black spray paint or black paint

Other materials include newspaper, face masks, and gloves.


This tutorial on apothecary bottles is thanks to Magia Mia on


pill bottles, jars, little plastic containers
glue gun
black chalk paint
rusty colored paint


Draw designs and wording on bottles
Use glue gun to trace over words
Paint over with black chalk paint
Dab rust colored paint over to add aging effect
Cut cork into round size for each bottle top

For a better, detailed instructions check out the tutorial here.

skeleton dish empty

Spooooky! Check out this dollar store DIY from Four Front Doors.

plastic skeleton
plastic candle holder
plastic tea light holder
white/ silver spray paint
black acrylic paint

Glue tea light holder to candle holder
Break skeleton into pieces
Glue pieces to tea light holder
Prime entire piece with white spray paint
Then spray with silver spray paint
Use black acrylic paint to in details
Use paper towel to wipe away some paint to add texture

For more detail, check out the tutorial here.


DIY Halloween Candles

Hello again,
’tis the season… to get creepy!

I am so in love with Halloween. I love the creepy decorations, the scary movies, and the crazy/ cute/ random/ homemade costumes. Most of all, I love candy!

Last year I posted a new DIY each week, a series of pumpkin related DIYs, and our previous owner Katelyn shared new Halloween makeup tutorials as well.

Last year’s DIYS-
5 Quick Costume Ideas
Crystal Balls
Bloody Window Handprints
Lawn Ghosts
Glitter Pumpkins
Creepy Dolls
Pumpkin Teeth
Henna Pumpkin
Crayola Pumpkin

Last year’s makeup tutorials-
American Horror Story Clown
Poison Ivy
Pop Geisha
I’ll Get You My Pretty – Which

This year I am excited to post more DIYs from Pinterest. This month will feature two-three DIYs in one post each Sunday because there are only 5 Sundays in October and too many awesome creepy DIYs and I already missed one Sunday ):

This weekend will be all about Halloween Candles!

Bloody Candle


Note: the original tutorial is in a different language but it’s easy to comprehend with just the photos.

white candles
red candles

✘ lay out newspaper — this will get messy
✘ use lighter to melt red candles
✘ drip red wax onto white candles

Original Tutorial by Anne Delacour on

Harry Potter Floating Candles



Note: Obviously Doesn’t have to be used for a Harry Potter theme. Also, the original tutorial creator made a night sky and did not completely specify how they attached it to the ceiling.

tea lights
toilet paper rolls
fishing line
hot glue

✘ glue tea lights to the inside of toilet paper rolls
✘ use hot glue to make dripping wax
✘ paint candle
✘ tie them in various lengths

Original tutorial by Alex on

Black Faux Candles


tea lights
toilet paper/ paper towel rolls
black paint
hot glue

✘ glue tea lights to the inside of toilet paper/ paper towel rolls
✘ use hot glue to make dripping wax
✘ paint candles black

Original tutorial by Priscilla on


DIY Laptop and iPad Covers

Okay, so by now you should know that I am not a very artsy-craftsy person. I would love to be but I don’t have the time to be. The most I have done it wrap some cheap file holders from IKEA with tape or scrapbook paper.

I really like checking out DIYs on Pinterest and saving them for the day I feel like creating something magical. Today, I found this super cute tutorial from for creating your own laptop and iPad covers.



Hard case for ipad/laptop. I bought it in clear on Ebay.
Spray paint
Rubbing alcohol
Colorful gloss paper
Glitter paper
Printed pictures on high gloss paper. I used pictures from Instagram and had them printed out at Staples.
Spray adhesive. I used Easy Task
UV Resistant gloss coat
Craft paint
Paint tray
Clear acrylic coating
Gilded gold paint
Decoupage glue


Mosaic Design:

Using a paper towel with some rubbing alcohol, wipe off any dust or oil off the surface of the cover.
Next, spray on an even layer of paint (color of your choice). I recommend spraying on at least 2 layers. Set aside to dry.
For the mosaic, use colorful gloss paper and printed pictures. To cut out the shape for the mosaic, I used a shape puncher purchased from a local craft store. I used a variety of different of different gloss, metallic, and glitter to add dimension and texture.
Lay out your design on top of the cover.
Use spray on adhesive to the back of each piece and place it where you would like.
Seal with clear gloss coat. Let dry completely before use.

Feathers Design:

Clean case using paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
Set up tray and brushes. Have some water on the side.
Draw out your design on a piece of paper. I drew out some feathers, but you can be creative and draw what inspires you.
Place your template under the cover and paint over the template. I suggest practicing on a piece of paper before doing it on your cover.
If you are painting feathers, use wispy, short strokes and layer on layer on different colors to add interest.
Spray on clear acrylic coating. Let dry completely before use.

Arrows Design:

Clean case using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
Using a ruler, draw arrows parallel to each other.
Use gold paint and paint over the arrows. Add glitter for more shine.
Spray on clear acrylic to protect your cover. Let dry completely before use.
Coco Chanel Design:
Clean case using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
Print out picture of perfume bottle on high gloss paper.
With scissors, carefully cut out picture.
Use decoupage glue on back of cut-out picture and adhere to cover.
Brush on decoupage glue over picture to seal and protect your cover. Let dry completely before use.

Check out her tutorial on and don’t forget to watch her video!